Welcome to the website and blog of Edward Avery-Natale, Ph.D.  I am currently a visiting assistant professor inNorth Dakota State University’s sociology department where I am teaching Research Methods, Qualitative Methods, Identifications, Political Sociology, and Social Movements during the 2013-2014 academic year. My upcoming book focuses on the ways in which members of Philadelphia’s anarcho-punk subculture narratively construct their identifications.  The various chapters are tied together through a focus on the ethical nature of the identification narratives with a particular focus on the application of Sartrean approaches to ethics and agency.

My areas of expertise include identity theories, psychoanalytic theories, postmodern and post-structuralist social theory, ethics, anarchism, popular culture, youth culture, political sociology, and the sociology of race, ethnicity, and racism.  In my sociological work, I focus on the ways in which these different fields of study come together in people’s lives.

You can e-mail me at Edward.AveryNatale@ndsu.edu by clicking here.


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